Monday, October 23, 2006

Introduction to Blogging - Nov. 21st @ 7PM

Please sign-up for this computer demonstration for "Everything about Blogging" on November 21st @ 7pm in the Larkin Room of the Middlebury Public Library. We will cover - What is Blogging, How to search for Blogs, Create your own Blog, step up an RSS feed of your favorite Blogs and many other aspects of Blogging. If you are interested please call the Middlebury Public Library (758-2634) or stop by to sign up @ our circulation desk.

If you are interested in researching and establishing your own Blog, we recommend using Blogger.

Computer Classes

Please sign-up for basic, intermediate, or macintosh classes at the front desk. Basic and intermediate classes will be offered in the morning from 9am - 10am on alternate wednesdays and thursdays. Macintosh class will be tuesday evenings. If these times do not work for you, please call the middlebury public library (758-2634) or stop in and we will arrange class periods for you.